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Looking to get a Demo Reel made? We've produced hundreds.

See more examples of actor reels and monologues on our YouTube Channel.

Regular Pricing: $249 for a Hi-Def*, Internet Ready File.
(Special pricing for DragonukConnects members, $219)

How it Works

You will get exactly what you ask for according to your organized instructions.

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All reels and individual needs tend to be different, so Contact Us at the email address below or call us at 443-750-0192 and let us know your individual needs for your next demo and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Jay Chapin does it again and I am so impressed that I have to give a public shout out!! Jay just updated my reel and did it so quickly, so affordably, and with the absolute highest level of customer service that I am truly so thankful to know him. If you need a reel done, know an actor who needs a reel done — anywhere in the US (and abroad!) — send him/her Jay's way — they will not be disappointed or have empty pockets!

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In the end, we believe both you and your viewer's day will be a little bit brighter.
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